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Dental tourism

What is dental tourism?

Dental tourism is a sub-sector of medical tourism. It includes individuals and organized groups who seek dental services outside of their dental care health system. The biggest advantage of dental tourism is cost. Prices of dental services in Serbia together with the return ticket from European cities and even from America and Canada is less than the cost of dental services in Western Europe and America. For example, price for return ticket Zurich – Belgrade, out of season can be purchased for 160 euros and a prosthetic dental services (metal-ceramic crowns) which in Switzerland costs 850 Swiss francs, in the dental office Mitrovic Dent costs from 80 to 120 euros depending on the type ceramics. So the money that would be allocated for a dentist in Western Europe or America, you can travel to Serbia, beautify or repair your teeth, visit relatives, buy them gifts, or even go on vacation.